Vision, Mission, Beliefs

We aim to train every child in the way they should go so that 
when they grow up, they will not turn from it.



Our Vision is
to be a caring and holistic preschool where everyone learns and share.

Our Mission is
to nurture happy and confident life-long learners with godly character to love others as themselves.


Our Philosophy:

We believe that
  • every child is special – a precious gift from God, 
  • every child is unique with different characters, natural talents and abilities (multi-intelligences),
  • every child should be nurtured holistically - physically, socially, spiritually and intellectually,
  • every child is always learning from his environment,
  • every child is best nurtured in a positive, encouraging, and loving environment,
  • parents have a significant and irreplaceable role in educating their child, and providing a conducive home environment,
  • teachers are also important role models for every child’s development,
  • by working together, parents and teachers can provide the best support for the child.

我们相信 (

  • 每个孩子都是特别的–是上帝赐的宝贵礼物。 
  • 每个孩子都是独特的,具有不同的个性、天赋和能力(多智能)。 
  • 每个孩子应该在整体上 – 肢体,社交,属灵和智力上都得到培养。
  • 每个孩子认知都是从环境中学习的。 
  • 每个孩子在积极、受鼓励和充满爱的环境中得到的培养是最好的。 
  • 父母在教育孩子方面扮演者重要和不可替代的角色,并提供有益于孩子茁壮成长的
  • 家庭环境。 
  • 教师也是每个孩子各方面发展的重要榜样, 通过合作,家长和老师可以为孩子提供最好的支持。