CGM K Curriculum Briefing Session 课程简介会

CGM Kindergarten

Our wonderful parents sat through the 2 hour sessions. Some came for 2 sessions (4 hours altogether, wow!)  But as this is a preschool briefing, parents get to do some action songs and rhymes too!

We conducted Curriculum Briefing for our parents for all three levels (N , K1 and K2). The three sessions were conducted by Mrs Karen Choo (CGM K Principal), Mrs Seong Koon (English), Mrs Lim (Maths), Mrs Goh (Aesthetics) and Mdm Xiao (Chinese).

Parents, thanks for your feedback and we hope that through these sessions and other channels, we can build up on the communications between parents and the preschool.

Here are some notes for those of you who were unable to make it because of other commitments.

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