Kindergarten - 2013 T2 Nursery @ Bird Park

2013 Term 2 Outing at the Jurong Bird Park

Some parents commented, "My child has already been going to the birdpark, why does he need to go with the school?"

Here are some considerations:
1. Communication - your child will be conversing with his peers. It's amazing to walk with the children and hear how they articulate their thoughts - their observations and questions. It's wonderful to see how they learn to share and to express their concerns. These are invaluable learning experiences.
2. Independence - mommies you are still very important, but they've got to learn to do things on their own. It's gotta start somewhere, sometime (without mommies, daddies, or grannies?)
3. Education is not about learning facts. Education is about total development - the brain, but also the emotional, the cognitive, the social, the physical and many other aspects.

Continue going to the parks with you child - it is very good! You can do so many other things that a class teacher may not be able to do. Also, continue to support his learning in the school (and the parks).


The academic expectations for a child just beginning school are minimal. You want your child to come to preschool feeling happy, r easonably secure, and eager to explore and learn. Bettye M. Caldwell Quote