Sunday Service 17 March 2013

Topic: Mirror, Mirror on the wall (John 8)

1. Finger of Jesus does not condemn. He accepts us unconditionally.
2. Law is rigid and seeks to condemn. Jesus is life and seeks to love.
3. Word of God (mirror) tells us we are not condemned. We are blameless and without blemish in Jesus.

Group discussion 小组讨论
1. 当你照镜子时,你会看到什么 If you look at a mirror today, what does it tell you?
2. 当你看圣经时,你应该看到什么 If you read the bible today, what should it tell you?

Communion was rather special today. As we sang an old song "A purple robe", a beautiful cross was carried in slowly. It was simple but a powerful way to remember the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All the unnumbered sins of man I see my Saviour bear.

For all His love to sinners shown I sing my Savior’s Name.
From "A purple robe"