2013 03 March Holidays Fun

Young Explorer's Games Day (Primary 1 to Sec 1)
Number Tap at the end of Woodlands Waterfront Jetty
The weather was good. The view was perfect. The children were wonderful (and RED).

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After some motivation, the treasure hunt began. With the clues in hand, the 4 groups made their way to the different stations to complete the tasks. Some of the tasks require logical thinking and creativity, while other tasks require teamwork. The groups that finish earlier were rewarded with more free time.


There was a Primary 4 girl whose best friend is in Primary 3. When she found out that the P4s would be separated from the P3s, she told the teachers that she want to be together with her friend. This was also despite the fact that the P3 will have lesser games. Later she told me, in fact she also wanted to have more games but yet she chose her friend. Such wisdom - some of us take so long to realise that friendship is more important than games.