Erm Kinde - garden? or garten?

(by Kevin)

When I spell "kindergarten", some of my friends will ask,
"Isn't it called 'garden'? You know like the one where plants are nurtured and flowers blossom."

Here's my support:
(And have we been pronouncing it wrongly?)
  1. kindergarten [ˈkɪndəˌgɑːtən]
  2. kin·der·gar·ten noun \ˈkin-də(r)-ˌgär-tən, -dən\
  3. kindergarten Pronunciation: /ˈkɪndəˌgɑːt(ə)n/

More reading on the origin of the word "kindergarten" and how it became so confusing.  

Don't worry - you (and your child) don't need to know how to spell "kindergarten" to graduate. 

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[UPDATE: My son tells me that his school's diary said that "kindergarten" means children's garden.]