CGMK - Haze 烟雾

It has been hazy!

Here's what we've done in preparation for any abnormal haze situation:
  1. Teachers briefed on Standard Procedure.
  2. If PSI is above 50, pupils with breathing-related difficulties will remain in air-conditioned rooms.
  3. If PSI is above 100, outdoor and PE activities will be conducted in air-conditioned rooms.
Please update us, if you have any special concerns for your child (such as breathing difficulties or asthma).

You may want to refer to NEA website for Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) updates.

  1. 老师们讲解基本程序。
  2. 1 当烟雾指数高过50时,凡有呼吸困难相关联的学生将呆在冷气房里。
  3. 2 当烟雾指数高过100时,户外活动和体育课都将在冷气房里进行。