CGMK - HFMD - Criteria for Closure

Some parents queried how many HFMD cases does it take for the Kindergarten to close for 10 days. 有些家长询问幼稚园要有多少个学生患上手足口症才需要关闭十天。

According to MOE Website 根据教育部网站
Currently, childcare centres and kindergartens which meet either of the following criteria will be mandatorily closed for 10 days. 目前, 托儿所和幼稚园只要达到以下其中一项规定就必须关闭十天。
(a) Transmission period > 24 days with number of cases > 16 在传播期二十四天内多于十六宗 。
(b) Transmission period > 24 days with attack rate > 23% 在传播期二十四天内高于23%的发病率。

Based on our students numbers, Criteria (a) will be more applicable to CGM Kindergarten.
以我们的学生人数,基督福音所 幼稚园将不会超出指标(a) 的规定。

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